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You are driven to succeed. Yes, that’s what you are, and you would not mind using shortcuts to get there. In the corporate world, there are shortcuts, if you know where to get them, or when to use them. That’s why you decided to employ our bookkeeping services for small business. You see, we will make your life a dream once you bring us into your life.

You were literally stumbling into the clutter of the financial pile and the mess of transactional debris when we stepped in. To your surprise, we painstakingly put those problems into order. Gone were the problems of lost receipts and invoices, forgotten records of purchases and sales, requesting credit from suppliers, down to records of employee benefits, and exemptions. Everything was done systematically and efficiently. Well, we have a roster of experienced, highly qualified bookkeepers and expert accountants, after all. We do walk our talk, so to speak. After all, we were highly recommended by your trusted friend, who was also 100% satisfied with our performance. Your friend heard about us from another satisfied customer. Indeed, we have satisfied a lot of clients.

You used to get a headache when your in-house bookkeeper was absent, or one of them had to go on maternity leave for a couple of months or so, you had to put up with looking into several resumes and interviewing applicants for the position. Of course, this took so much of your time plus a backlog in the company’s ledgers.

What a relief it was when you hired our reliable bookkeepers! There are no more concerns about employee turnover, interviewing hassles, buying additional office supplies and equipment, and the best of all. It saves you a lot of money from salaries and benefits, which are mandated by law. They are not your employees, after all. That is a fact, but our bookkeepers were more efficient. Undistracted by internal issues, they can focus solely on their jobs. Unbiased, too!

Whatever data you require from us, we have delivered at the right time, all-inclusive – from documents, charts, tables, etc. That is due to the fact that we have applied the latest technology it is available. Our accounting software has amazed you!



There is Kashoo, which one can now access only in the cloud. It is said to have started in Canada as a privately-owned software application. There’s QuickBooks, also available in the cloud, but also offers on-site accounting applications. FreshBooks- can be accessed through your office computer or mobile device. Then, there’s Xero, which was developed in New Zealand. All these make possible cloud computing. Our company has subscribed to these cloud-based accounting programs. That is why you can access the data that we have already stored instantly wherever you might be, or whenever you need them.

What else contributes to our efficiency? It’s the OCR or Optical Character Recognition. You were informed that this application made our accountant’s lives a whole lot easier, and why not? Instead of itemizing receipts and organizing invoices, tracking cash flow on sales and expenses manually, the OCR can simply scan them, and they are transformed into an electronic document. Whether it is a handwritten note, a printed document or simply, a photograph of note, the OCR can convert them into machine-readable text, which can be easily shared among clients or colleagues in the business. 

Imagine the time we saved from doing the tedious job of documenting these proofs of transactions. This really revolutionized the bookkeeping and accounting technology in 2016 when it all started. You can just visualize all the excitement we had with the development and acquisition of this application.

Now we have included this blockchain technology that we have spoken of and which is still rather puzzling to you. It is advertised that taking part in it would make you stand out in the corporate world. That is true. It can protect encrypted data, which is stored in a decentralized database allowing its distribution to other parties in the transaction. You have reservations regarding this, and it is best that you leave it up to us since we fully comprehend how it operates.

What about this automated accounting technology entry? You were made to understand that it meant there would be virtually zero data entry required in the business landscape. Goodbye to the double-entry bookkeeping system. We are using the technology now, and it will be more relevant in the future. You may ask, will it replace humans? Nah, surely, this technology requires humans to operate and activate them? Who wouldn’t prefer a human touch, anyway?

Whether on desktop or mobile application or only available in the cloud, these technologies need to be considered carefully. Select which one works best for the business you have. By the way, meteorologically speaking, clouds “crash” once they reach100% relative humidity, do they not? Can it happen in this virtual cloud? Only time will tell. Suffice to say. It is playing a significant role now.We know that these technologies were just created to serve their purpose and to make lives easier. We are not sure our ancestor cave dwellers share our sentiment, though. They could decipher animal footprints, but all this cloud talk will astound them. 

Anyway, let us not forget that no matter how successful you are in the urban jungle, life can be lonely when there is no one to celebrate and share your success with. No arguments there.

Be that as it may, it is undeniable that company leadership demands a thorough comprehension of these bookkeeping and accounting technologies, including cloud computing, blockchain systems, automation software, and other related technologies. Even the younger generation could profit from becoming virtual controllers of these technologies. Assuredly, it can launch their career in today’s exceedingly competitive industry. Wouldn’t clients jump at the chance of hiring us over all the rest when we are armed with this varied accounting technology?



There is so much going on in the industry that keeping afloat would require you to keep abreast of the current trends, procedures, and processes. The bookkeeping and accounting services we offer have shown you that we have done our share as an outstanding enterprise.

We are very pleased that you have partnered with us. The value we placed towards confidentiality of information, honesty, and integrity, earned your complete trust and confidence.

Now, why don’t you share your memorable experience with us to the corporate world that they may also delight in the services of our virtual bookkeepers? They may be on top with the cloud, but they have their feet firmly planted on the ground. Have them contact us now!