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Automate Bookkeeping Tasks for Small Businesses


Our online bookkeeping and accounting services include:


Creation of financial

transaction databases

A business owner needs to add some accounting and financial-tracking databases.

Now, creating a simple record of financial transactions is theoretically easy. One database table with a few columns could do the job. Even MS Access or Excel could be used to store transaction dates, account IDs, and dollar amounts. However, a table without much transactional integrity might not be robust enough for serious financial tracking.

This feature has a less complicated data structure or process in place to double sure that everything adds up perfectly, exactly as it should, and that no data is ever lost or corrupted.


Payroll processing

The virtual team will provide you with timely and accurate timekeeping and payroll processing for companies of any size. They will assist in the accurate computation of salaries, taxes, statutory deductions and contributions that are remitted on time to the concerned companies or agencies. With our services, we can also offer advanced and highly customizable payroll
software that can adapt to any client requirements.


Management and payment of accounts

Often, when you use your credit cards, each transaction will be recorded to help you manage expenses and know where your money is being spent. Your virtual bookkeeper can manage all of your invoicing and customer interactions so that you get paid on time for your work, as one way to shorten your cash cycle and provide exceptional customer service. Another is, when the bills come in, we will organize and record them in preparation for a payment run. That’s the time we can then process payments to your vendors via our third-party partners, making your life and cash flow easier to manage.



Checking reporting for accuracy

This is one way to ensure the accuracy of the data entry process, which involves journal entries of financial transactions and the posting of journal entries to the ledger. If your data entry professionals are making math errors or entering the data in the wrong accounts, training and random monitoring are two ways to ensure quality control in the data-entry process. We have those virtual teams willing to help you.


Reporting irregularities in data management

Reconcile your accounting records with external records, such as bank statements, supplier invoices, credit card statements and other documents. We will constantly maintain and remind you that numbers should match.



Producing balance sheets

Briefly, the balance sheet lists the assets, liabilities and shareholder’s equity, and the statement of cash flow summarizes the cash inflows and outflows. Accurate financial statements are as essential parts for us as your virtual partners because management, investors, creditors and external auditors depend on reliable and complete information to assess the financial health and performance of your company.


Creation of income statements

On the other hand, the income statement summarizes the revenues, expenses and profits in an accounting period. The team will update and assure correctness of your journal entries. Accuracy starts with journal entries and ends with the chief executive certifying the reliability of the information.


You’re going to love your new team: Most of our bookkeeping team is located at our headquarters in Indio, CA. That means that your team are nearly your neighbours, accessible, and trained to support you.

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